Our Approach

Successful bottom-up investing requires a disciplined approach, detailed research and an independent thought process to deliver sustainable outperformance.

Our three key principles are:

Valuation and qualitative factors are the key drivers of long term share price performance. Both factors are critical and of equal importance.

Markets tend to be emotional, short-term and backward looking. Markets continually present opportunities to investors who are unemotional and long-term in their assessment of business potential.

An intensive visitation schedule with a wide variety of stakeholders can provide a more complete perspective of a company’s prospects.

Our investment process

L1 Capital invests in high quality businesses trading well below their intrinsic value. Our investment process combines discounted cash flow valuation with qualitative considerations such as management quality, industry & company structure and business trends to identify attractive investment opportunities.

The core of the investment approach is a high level of interaction with a wide range of market participants. This enables us to generate the most complete fundamental, bottom- up assessment of each investment opportunity.

Responsible investment

L1 Capital is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment and committed to incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance issues into our investment analysis and decision-making processes. Please see our ESG and RI Policy to learn more about how we integrate ESG considerations into our investment thinking.

To find out more about the Principles for Responsible Investment visit www.unpri.org