L1 Capital is a global investment manager established in 2007 with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Miami and London.

  • L1 Capital manages money for a range of clients including large superannuation funds, pension funds, asset consultants, private wealth firms, financial planning groups, family offices, high net worth investors and retail investors.
  • The firm is committed to offering clients best of breed investment products.
  • The L1 Capital Long Short Strategy, launched in 2014, has delivered net returns of greater than 25% in 6 out of the 8 calendar years it has been running and is the best performing long short fund in Australia since inception (FE Fund Info).

We are founded on four core values:


Our entire team is committed to delivering best in class investment products and service to our clients.


We conduct ourselves with integrity to retain the trust and respect of clients, companies, service providers and other stakeholders.

Independent Thinking

We value contrarian perspectives and always challenge the established thinking. We conduct our investment research with an open mind.

Alignment with Clients

The investment team invests the majority of its personal wealth in L1 Capital funds alongside clients.

Our Approach

L1 Capital is a ‘style neutral’ manager, recognising the equal importance of both ‘value’ and ‘quality’ in investing.  The investment team conducts detailed bottom-up stock research, utilising a proven investment process.

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Our Funds

We are committed to creating the best possible investment products for our clients. There is a firm-wide aspiration to be the ‘best’, not just ‘good’. We only launch and manage investment products that we believe can deliver exceptional risk adjusted returns.

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