2007 | Establishment of L1 Capital and Australian Equities Strategy

Raphael Lamm and Mark Landau founded L1 Capital in 2007, with a focus on managing Australian equities. They have grown the firm through the careful cultivation of best of breed capabilities, and a focus on investing alongside clients and capping FuM capacity far below peer strategies to focus on strong ongoing alpha generation.

2014 | Launch of the L1 Capital Long Short Fund

The L1 Capital Long Short Fund is an absolute return fund that offers investors a highly diversified portfolio of long and short positions based on our fundamental bottom-up research process. The Strategy aims for strong, positive, risk-adjusted returns whilst preserving shareholder capital.

There are four ways to invest in the L1 Long Short Fund

2015 | Launch of L1 Capital Global Opportunities Fund

The L1 Capital Global Opportunities Fund applies rigorous fundamental analysis to invest in small to mid-capitalisation securities around the world across the capital structure. The Fund uses macro themes to identify investment targets then structures portfolio to have low correlation to common equity and bond benchmarks and downside protection through multi-layered risk management.

2017 | Launch of L1 Capital U.K. Residential Property Fund

The L1 Capital U.K. Residential Property Fund invests in high-yielding residential assets that aim to deliver strong and growing income, along with significant capital appreciation. The Fund acquires underperforming or undermanaged U.K. property assets outside of London, at a discount, repositioning and/or managing them more actively before selling them via break-up to the retail market or as a portfolio to an institutional investor.

2019 | Launch of L1 Capital International Fund

The L1 Capital International Fund aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with capital preservation over a long-term investment horizon. The Fund invests in 20-40 high quality companies in well-structured industries that have aligned management and favourable cashflow-based valuations. The Fund focuses on capital preservation and minimising the downside risk, viewing risk as a permanent loss of capital as opposed to volatility in share prices.

The L1 Capital International Fund has a ‘dual registry’ structure that allows investors to buy and sell shares in the Fund both off-market via the registry and on-market via the ASX.

2021 | Launch of L1 Capital Catalyst Fund

The L1 Capital Catalyst Fund is a best ideas fund with an activist overlay focused on unlocking value in Australian companies. Applying a hands-on ‘owner’s mindset’, the Fund typically invests in a concentrated portfolio of around 10 stocks that offer a compelling combination of value and quality with a major positive catalyst to drive investor returns.

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